Membership Obligations

Gimli Yacht Club Member Obligations

  • Members and guests must adhere to the GYC Code of Conduct
  • Members must pay annual fees by the due date or risk loss of membership and privileges
  • Annual membership fees must be paid before the club crane is used . 
  • Members must contribute at least 10 hours of volunteer time each year. This can be accomplished by participating in spring and fall work parties or by performing other work as outlined by the House and Grounds Committee.  Alternatively, a member may pay an amount, as determined by the Board, for each hour of volunteer time not contributed. 
  • Members are expected to assist in keeping the club and grounds clean and tidy. (e.g. If the garbage is full, empty it. Wash any dishes you use and put them in the cupboards.)
  • All boats must be covered by 3rd person liability insurance.
  • Halyards, messenger lines etc. must be tied back to reduce noise. Other members may board a boat to tie back any lines causing noise.  
  • Members’ vessels must carry necessary equipment for their size and type as laid down in the Small Vessel Regulations of the Canada Shipping Act.
  • GYC members are expected to comply with the provisions of the National Pleasure Craft Operator Competency Program (Have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card or other Proof of competency)