Code of Conduct


Gimli Yacht Club Code of Conduct

April 2011


The purpose of this Code is to provide Club members with an enjoyable and safe environment.


Key Principles

Membership of Gimli Yacht Club is a privilege, subject to the following privileges:

Gimli Yacht Club seeks to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property. Respect is defined as consideration for the well being of another person’s body, emotions and possessions.

Gimli Yacht Club seeks to operate in an environment, which is free from harassment. Harassment is defined as any action directed at an individual or group, which creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.


Appropriate Behaviour

·         Fair, considerate and honest treatment of others.

·         Respect, dignity and proper regard to all members’ rights and obligations.

·         Respect for the privacy of others.

·         Refraining from any form of victimisation towards others.

·         Mature and acceptable social behaviour while at the club or attending any of the club’s events.

·         Mindful of individual safety and the safety of all others involved in the club.



Unsuitable Behaviour

·         Knowingly discriminate, abuse, harass, ridicule or embarrass anyone covered by this Code of Conduct.

·         The use of offensive language to any member or visitor attending Gimli Yacht Club.

·         Intimidation, assault, or acting with aggression toward any other person.

·         Excessive use of alcohol, acting in a way that becomes a public nuisance or creates a public disturbance or unsafe environment for other members.

·         Not following Manitoba Liquor Licensing Laws.

·         Not following lawful directions from a club employee and/or board member.

·         Representing the club in any dealings, unless authorised by the club.

·         Tarnishing the reputation of the club, club members, board members, employees, or bring it into disrepute in any way.

·         The use or encouragement of illegal drugs within the premises of Gimli Yacht Club is prohibited.



Parent and guardians at all times shall be responsible for the behaviour of their children on club premises. Parents and guardians of children whose behaviour is socially unacceptable shall be requested to remove them form club’s premises.


Pets are not allowed on club deck or in the club buildings and must be under the owner’s control at all times when on the club grounds.


Any alleged breach of the above principles is to be reported to any board member of the Gimli Yacht Club for action. The GYC Board will determine if there has been a breach and may warn or initiate disciplinary action against the relevant member(s).  Any disciplinary action undertaken will be in accordance with the GYC Constitution and policies.


This code is to be read in conjunction with the Constitution and current policies of the Gimli Yacht Club.