Gimli Yacht Club


Updated May 20, 2021


This document represents the current rules in effect at the club.  This document will be updated as restrictions change by the Public Health Authorities.

Members shall always maintain a safe distance from each other of at least two metres or 6.5 feet and comply with all Public Health directives. 

The following rules have been put in place to 1. Protect our members from any health risks at this time and 2. To ensure that the club is compliant with Public Health Orders. 

  1. Members must stay home when ill and are not allowed entry if they are ill with COVID-19 symptoms. If in doubt use the Pre-screening tool to determine your eligibility to participate. https:// covid19/screening-tool/
  2. Should a member test positive for COVID, and have been on the club grounds within the last 2 weeks, please contact the commodore, Adam Reeder, immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Members are required to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres or 6.5 feet from other members at all times.
    All members are required to read this directive. note: no visitors are allowed at this time.
  4. The North Buildings (Office, Spinnaker Lounge, Kitchen, Accessible Washroom, Children’s Room, and Utility Rooms) except for the washrooms, remain strictly closed at this time.
  5. Members should bring a mask, their own hand sanitizer and other personal hygiene products to the club.
  6. All members using the washrooms shall wear protective masks when entering the club front door and while in the washrooms. The washroom door handle and the building front door handle shall be cleaned.
  7. Each member will be responsible for cleaning all surfaces touched after each visit to the washroom.
  8. A maximum of one member may enter the Female or Male washrooms at any one time. No member shall wait in the Hallway outside of the washrooms. If a member is present in the washroom or shower area, please wait outside on the deck before entering the building.
  9. Club members may use the BBQ’s providing they bring their own cutlery, plates and glasses. BBQ’s must be wiped down with the cleanser provided. The kitchen remains closed.
  10. The Club's Deck is now closed!  We can not have people of different families on the deck at the same time.  This would constitute a gathering, which is currently prohibited.
  11. The following activities will be permitted:
      -The club Crane will be open under the crane supervisor’s supervision. The crane supervisor’s word is final.
      -All members craning shall wear protective masks while in the crane area and working within close proximity to each other. Hand sanitizer and cleaning solvents will be available. All equipment touched must be cleaned after craning.
      -Club Kayaks, Paddle Boards and Boats may be used. Hand sanitizer and cleaning solvents will be available. All equipment touched must be cleaned after use.
      -Racing is permitted so long as all crew are from the same household.
      -Sailing School will be permitted as per Sail Manitoba’s Best Practices Guidelines– See Sail Manitoba’s Best Practices
      -The Club Office will be open to the Club Manager, the Sailing School staff and race officials only. Masks shall be worn indoors at all times.

Adam Reeder, Commodore On behalf of the Board of Directors of Gimli Yacht Club manager@gimliyachtclub. com