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Sport Manitoba is championing change in the sport culture of Manitoba. The Pathway to Safer Sport is a comprehensive framework of tools, templates, and resources that empower Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) and all who participate in sport in Manitoba to create a safer sport system.

We were the first sport organization in the country to mandate Respect in Sport training for all Manitoba coaches, we took the Responsible Coaching Movement pledge, and we committed to the True Sport principles. On this pathway, we’re continuing to build on this framework by introducing three key services for preventing, addressing, and acting on misconduct or maltreatment in sport.



Concussion Information

Sail Manitoba values the long term health of all sailors, and we are committed to increasing education and awareness that will provide support in gaining the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of all sailors.

Sail Manitoba continues to work with the National and Provincial Sport Organizations, to ensure that our sailors both in Manitoba and Ontario continue to work together to ensure a safe sport environment.

Therefore, we have adopted the following protocols:

Let’s work together to ensure SAFE SPORT for ALL!